About Katy Peternel

My Beliefs

Character, Constitution, Freedom

I believe in our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I firmly support individual freedom, personal responsibility, freedom from coercion and the right of self-ownership. All legislation should be based upon the principles espoused in the NH and US Constitutions.

I believe that families are the foundation to a healthy society. I believe that parents have a natural right to care for and nurture their children. With this right comes the understanding that parents know what is best for their children and this includes education. Parents should have the right to choose the best method of education for their children whether it is public, private, charter, homeschool or any other method of education.

I believe that our government should work to reduce expenditures and keep taxes as low as possible. In this current time of rapidly expanding inflation, it is imperative that we the people retain our hard-earned dollars in order to be able to keep our families housed and fed. Low taxes are the result of low spending.

I support our Second Amendment rights. I believe in our inherent right to defend our families.

I believe in limited government and local control. Both the NH and US Constitutions were written to limit our government, not our freedom.

Education/ Experience:
University of Akron, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
New Hampshire Homeschool Coalition Representative
4H Leader
Coach - various youth sports
Homeschool Coop Coordinator
Ballot Clerk
Wolfeboro Agricultural Commission
New Hampshire Farm Bureau
New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women
National Rifle Association
Women's Defense League
603 Alliance
New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
New Hampshire GOP